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About Us

Join our team of drivers. Requirements: clean record and a passion for safety. Provide reliable transportation and create a welcoming environment for students and parents.


About Us


Discover our legacy and roots from 1927 when Eckhardt Jubb purchased his first school bus in Anne Arundel County. By 1994, Jubb’s Bus Service was officially incorporated, marking our history. We have expanded our services, transporting in Anne Arundel County. We proudly operate a fleet of 53 school buses, reflecting our commitment to excellence in transportation. Jubb’s Bus Service, Inc., a family-owned business, remains dedicated to providing exceptional student transportation. With decades of expertise, we take immense pride in our safe, reliable, and caring services. Our team ensures timely school commutes, exciting field trips, and after-school event transportation. Explore our journey today.

Evolution & Successes

From its humble beginnings as a family-owned business, Jubb’s Bus Service, Inc. has evolved into a prominent student transportation provider in Anne Arundel County. Prioritizing safety, punctuality, and a welcoming team, we have built a strong reputation. Our dedication to the community and pursuit of excellence has facilitated growth and the delivery of exceptional services to residents and schools. We now do daily service for the students of Anne Arundel County, along with sports, field trips, and after-school events. From providing secure daily commutes for students to organizing memorable field trips, our dedication to excellence shines through. With deep-rooted values and a forward-thinking outlook, we continue to be a trusted partner for families and educators.

Values and Mission:

At Jubb’s Bus Service, Inc., our vision is to be a leader in student transportation, driving progress towards a safer and promising future. Our culture is built on integrity, respect, and service excellence. We value the safety of our students and employees above all, fostering a friendly and family-oriented environment. We take pride in our commitment to punctuality and reliability on every route. Our core values guide our actions, ensuring an exceptional transportation experience and a lasting partnership with local schools and communities

Future Vision:

At Jubb’s Bus Service, Inc., our rich history propels us towards the future. We strive to be leaders in innovation and excellence in student transportation. Our goal is to expand our operations and services to meet the growing needs of the educational community. We are implementing cutting-edge technology to enhance efficiency and safety on our routes. Additionally, we are committed to continuous training for our team to deliver even more exceptional service. With a forward-looking approach, we look forward to remaining the preferred school transportation partner for Anne Arundel County.

Emotional Connection:

At Jubb’s Bus Service, Inc., we share our story with passion to build an emotional connection with our clients. We want them to feel part of our journey and excited about our future success. Each achievement and every service provided reflects our commitment to the safety and well-being of the students and families who trust us. Our dedication to excellence and core values creates a deep bond with the educational community we serve. We look forward to continuing to grow together and sharing moments of satisfaction as we move towards a promising future.


Work With Us


Fill out the application.

Come into to our Glen Burnie location to complete the application with your personal information and driving background, providing the required data for the selection process.


Submit the application.

Email the application to us at, ensuring all required documents are included for consideration.


Send driving record

We will send your driving record to AACPS for processing and approval, ensuring compliance with necessary requirements and verification procedures. 


Approved driving record.

Upon receipt of an approved driving record, we will proceed to schedule an interview with the Human Resources staff for further assessment.


After the interview.

After the interview is conducted, the applicant will receive a notification in the following days informing them of the hiring decision, either through a phone call or an email.


Working with JBS.

Once employed by JBS, individuals become part of a dynamic team dedicated to providing top-notch transportation services, contributing to a safer and efficient school experience for students.

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